At Sherlocks we are passionate about training, your staff and ours. We are really happy to help you be more efficient so that in the long run. This helps everyone keep out of trouble.

  • Oxford Brookes Mentoring

When you have finished your ACCA exams up to F9 then by submitting a 6500 word project to the Oxford Brookes University then you can get a BSC in Applied Accounting, the result of which is based on your exam results. Finding suitably qualified mentors can be difficult. At Sherlocks we are able to provide you with that guidance, just give us a call or fill in the contact us form on the contacts page.

  • Your Staff

Everyone can improve, with a little guidance. Some would like to sit exams and do exam training, we can help give the proper guidance and we recommend Njoy Training for class room courses and materials. Sometimes people don’t want to go through the rigor of exam training and would rather learn on the job, here Sherlocks comes into its own, working at your speed and with your material at a pace you can live we help develop and grow your staff. So we can teach them bookkeeping, VAT, management accounts, statutory accounts, cash flow forecasting and many other useful accounting knacks.


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