Payment on Account Day

31st July. In the UK you need to have made a tax payment on account with HMRC by close of play today.
So get going, or phone your accountant in a hurry.

Otherwise today has been great. Breakfast with the Tonbridge BoB club, and then down to “The Carpet Centre” where Mervyn has a great little business that has been going for 30 years and he was kind enough to show me round. Followed by a drop in to¬†@dropmyleaflet which in comparative terms has been going for 30 mins, but excellently put together by Louis Ayre.

Then back to base to loock horns with the HMRC website, which although improving can still be a little tricky….. see your accountant. ohhh thats me. Well even for us it can be a little awkward.

Off to Buxted House Hotel tonight to meet with the West Kent Chamber of Commerce. May see you there!!

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