Christmas is coming the tax mans getting fat.

The 31st January deadline for filing online tax returns will be here sooner than you think. In fact every year over a million people are late, which at £100 each minimum makes a substantial contribution to the tax revenues every year.

So make sure you are not late. If you are doing it yourself make sure you have all the necessary information available. Some documents or copies may take time to get so do this now so that they are available in January.

If you are getting your accountant to do it and they are a new accountant for you then they will need to be given access codes to file for you on line. This is done by completing a form called a 64-8. The problem is that HMRC are likely to run into backlogs in January so get this done early.

Generally its a good idea to have your accountant local to where you are although with cloud technology this is becoming less important. However if you want your accountant to make a valuable contribution to your business, best that they understand it and even better if they come to see you.

Don’t delay get this job done and then you can really enjoy Christmas and not give gifts to the HMRC.

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