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1st August 2013

Lunch on the first day of the test match. Lunch on the first day of the new month. Priorities!! 

Now in small businesses your bookkeeper should be well on the way to posting the cash for July and being able to do the bank reconciliation sometime today or tomorrow. This is absolutely important and there is no excuse for not having it done. 

The reason is that by the third of the month latest business owners need  to have a cash flow forecast in there hands so they can plan the months payments strategy if required. Really bad news getting to the month end and finding that there is not quite enough for payroll and you have to go without.

If you don’t have a cash flow model get one!! Excel or other packages available. Easier than getting a fashion model.

So while your all doing that here at Sherlocks its Saturday, which means chores. The reason its Saturday is that last weekend teaching the new TOPCIMA scenario took place @first_intuition which is great college for accountancy training, so that means the weekend has to be transplanted.

Kitchen has been spring cleaned so there is no excuse for misplacing those important bits and pieces 🙂 

Ohhh yes also need to up date you on last nights activities at the Buxted Park Hotel with who were kind enough to give me and Alan certificates for turning up.
Alan comes from and was kind enough to get me lunch earlier this week. 
Don’t think we need to disclose this on the bribery act forms though.

Met Gareth from Triple Star Fire  @GareththeSoutie and he was right didn’t get back to him after the presentation or he escaped!! Interesting business though check him out.

Also managed to catch up with @hannahditto who has been kind enough to say nice things about the blog. They also have nice design business up in Sevenoaks. Its by the scaffolding on the London Road. Come on workmen give them a break, they need the windows open in weather like this.

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