Lunch on the third day, no not just of the test match, but of the TOPCIMA course at First Intuition .

CIMA the institute of management accountants producers a scenario and the students get 3hrs plus 20 mins reading time to write a report that prioritises, discusses and recommends practical solutions to business problems.

The students by now will be part way through their first mock, which is normally unfinished, however they should at least have some decent discussion with some recommendations otherwise they will definitely fail.

This season is about a retail company like Debenhams, John Lewis, House of Fraser. At Sherlocks as we have great expertise in business strategy, supplying Finance Directors and Non Executive Directors to many different types of industries, so we are helping these students put together some hopefully decent reports. This means that at the start of next week there will be lots of marking.

ACCA Exam Results

Good luck with exam results next week, you never know there may even be celebration drinks near you. If you’re looking for a mentor for the Oxford Brookes degree programme then we should be able to help you at Sherlocks

ohhh and remember have a good weekend, we are having a BBQ tomorrow with some choice cuts from Ian Chatfield who opened up in Tonbridge High St in the spring. Fingers crossed on the weather.


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